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Our Foundation is celebrating this year of the 32nd National Day for Cerebral Palsy, which was entitled to the Foundation in 1983 on Thursday 2/10/2014.

Let our motto this year be “Wheelchair is not the end of the world”

Let us work together towards educating all children” each according to ability
Help us… to help them

You can contribute with us to support whatever necessary for the children by donating:

Furnish and equip new center 30000 JOD
Buy a bus to transport children to schools 30000 JOD
Treat one injured child for one year 500 JOD
Special education for one child for one year 1000 JOD
Strolling chair 200 JOD
Special chair 65 JOD
Toilet chair 30 JOD
Standing device with table 150 JOD
Stair chair 40 JOD
Special corset 15 JOD
Therapeutic pillow 16 JOD
Splint 50 JOD


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