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Dear friends

We would like to inform you that Cerebral Palsy Foundation is a voluntary charity specialized in the care of children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and similar disabilities licensed in 1977 to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and educate children with CP through its six centers in Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Aqaba, As Salt, and Karak, and the two typical schools in Amman and Aqaba. Number of children who contacted our six centers since establishment until 31/12/2014 was more than 20389 children.

It was fair that we ranked the 16th and 4th in Jordan from among Jordanian charities and the 1st in special needs in Forbes Middle East that contains a list of the most transparent charities in the Arab world, including our Foundation.

We invite you to participate in financial support of the Foundation for the success of our projects and development of our rehabilitation and educational services for children with disabilities.
With much appreciation for those who has and had supported our march.

Foundation’s President
Dr. Nisreen Aref Alotaibi
Let us support them together

Our services provided for children
Services in 2014 were provided to 1030 children, including 337 new and 693 old.

- Medical and Rehabilitation services: Include:

1- Medical services

- 8 Physicians conducted 696 regular examinations at our centers
- Foundation’s physician at the centers: 457
- Orthopedic specialist: 40 examinations
- Rehabilitation specialist: 40 examinations

2- Diagnostic services

Pediatric specialist at Karak clinic conducted 77 examinations, and rehabilitation specialist/volunteer at As Salt 14 examinations. Part-time physicians from the Ministry of Health conducted at Amman center 185 examinations, Zarqa 11 examinations, Irbid 32 examinations, Aqaba 19 examinations at Prince Hashim Hospital, and As Salt 46 examinations.

3- General services related to children' special needs:

119 children were referred to social development directorates to get national aid and 52 children to Higher Council for Affairs of Persons with Disabilities and parents were provided with 175 medical reports upon request.

4- Rehabilitation services

• Physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy. Therapists provided 8004 physiotherapy sessions at our centers and 224 at Aqaba school, 3062 occupational therapy sessions at our centers and 729 at Amman school, and 1365 speech therapy session at our centers and 108 at Amman school.

• Therapists train mothers on treatment methods, home care, and how to teach children daily life activities for self-reliance.

5- Field services

• Mafraq governorate: Services are provided and some are received in Alkhalideyah clinic in cooperation with the Center of Rehabilitation and Care of the Physically Disabled of the Ministry of Social Development.

• Treatment rooms: Therapists offered 935 treatment sessions at Alqwaireh, Alrisha and Alrahma, and 295 at Alkhalideyah in cooperation with the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development and the Ministry of Health to provide rehabilitation services in the community.

6- Family Counseling

Our physicians explain reasons for disability to parents, help them in accepting the situation, work to improve the child case through development and education, and guide them on the prevention of disability, whether inherited or acquired.

7- Assistive movement devices and splints

The Foundation provides and disburses motor assistive devices for children to use at home instead of costly importing, such as special chairs, standing devices, crutches, walkers and corsets.

8- Cultural and field activities

The Foundation’s physicians and therapists gave lectures and practical training for students of rehabilitation faculties at universities, community and nursing colleges, institutes, vocational centers and schools, and made field visits for awareness, guidance and training on rehabilitation methods for the disabled in the community. Through activities of Cerebral Palsy Day, we work on participating in TV, radio and other media shows to increase awareness among citizens.

Help us.. To help them

Our Educational Services
Students of our typical school at Amman, opened in 1992, were 67 students in two kindergarten classes and 10 basic education and resources classes. Students who are able to cope with education are integrated in regular schools to improve their physical difficulties.
- Students of kindergarten at the typical school in Aqaba, opened in 2006, were 14 students in two kindergarten classes and 3 basic education classes.

Our Goal is to provide education for all

The Foundation’s objectives according to the bylaw:
1- To take care of children with cerebral palsy
2- To establish a center equipped with devices and staff for rehabilitation of the disabled.
3- To educate citizens on prevention of cerebral palsy.
4- To provide therapists and medical staff for rehabilitation.
5- To seek for making the disabled actors in the community.
6- To open kindergarten and schools for special education for children with cerebral palsy.

The school’s objectives:
1- To evaluate abilities of children in order to put the child in the right suitable class.
2- To provide educational services for developing academic and social abilities of children and educating them dependence skills.
3- To focus on family communication between the home and school.
4- To provide rehabilitation services for developing physical abilities of children.

Revenues of the Foundation consist of:
• Contributions of members, donations, gifts, yields and wills.
• Any other revenues approved by the administrative body.


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